My Secrets to an Awesome About Page


5 Tweaks Your About Page Could Use Right Now

My secrets to an awesome about page. 5 tweaks your about page copy could use right now.

Raise your hand if your About Page reads like it was written by an old-timey dude in a suit and tie. Or if it’s super boring and doesn’t feel authentic.

Yeah. I figured.

About Pages can be an amazing way to flush out the people you don’t want to work with and engage the people you do all the way to your bank account. Here are my top 5 secrets to an awesome About Page.



…but not too personal!

Tell a story as to how it relates to becoming the problem-solver you are for your ideal clients. Make it entertaining, educational, or inspiring, and make sure it’s well written.

If writing is not your thing, then keep it short and simple by throwing a few bullets that will give your readers an idea of how you are, your quirks, and fun things that define you.



I’m not saying that you should be making your site visitors cry. No. I’m saying make them feel a bit tense by speaking about their problem. And then give them some relief by telling them you’re the perfect solution.



An awesome photo of you in your element can be a fantastic way to visually tell your story. Are you a photographer? Maybe have your camera around your neck? Or are you a designer? Have a shot of you at your desk. Oh! One thing’s for sure though, make sure you have a photo of you looking at the camera. Connect!



Don’t write paragraphs and paragraphs about you on your About Page. Nobody wants to read long lines of text that read more like a 5th grade paper than an entertaining and valuable editorial.

Break up with the “main idea + 3 supporting sentences + conclusion” format and write like you speak in real life. Break up those paragraphs and use sentence fragments. Like this. And CAPS, italics or bold for emphasis.

In other words, make your grammar teacher roll her eyes… but definitely make your spelling teacher proud.



…make it entertaining to read. Nobody wants to read anything long format that is boring, right? Long-format About Pages can be amazing at converting visitors into paying customers or clients. If you’re a good writer, go for it!

Otherwise, keep it short and sweet.

Extra Tip

Carry out an objective audit of your site in general to make sure that it’s engineered to work for you. Read this post about how to take your website to the next level.

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