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7 Things That Can Make or Break Your Dubsado Workflow

Dubsado Workflow Tips by Desk & Design. 7 Things that can make or break your Dubsado workflow.

As an entrepreneur, one of the first things I did when I began my business, was sign up for Dubsado. I was so excited! I devoured the Getting Started video series, marveled at their AH-MA-ZING help desk, and got to work setting up the basics.

If you’re like me, you’ve leveled up your biz by signing up for THE BEST business management software out there. You set up your lead capture forms, your questionnaires and contracts. Some proposals and packages, too!

And now you’re thinking about workflows. Before you embark on building your first one (or your next one) here are 7 ways you can up your workflow game.



Thou shalt not start a workflow without proper planning. I cannot explain the importance of sitting down with yourself to really hash things out. Use a good ol’ pen and paper. Or if you’re fancy, use a mapping tool such as this one. I prefer lots of color coded sticky notes spread out on my kitchen island.

Color code each type of element: contract, proposal, canned email, lead capture, etc.

Whatever method you choose, be thorough. Sleep on it. Edit. Repeat. Don’t skimp on this essential step.



You could start your workflow without having all the elements, I suppose… if you’re into self-sabotage that is! Write down a list of all the elements you’ll need for your workflow (from the planning step) organized by the color-coded categories you used: canned emails. Block off a few hours for yourself and batch create them all. Keep checking them off your list. Once you’re done, you can start assembling your workflow!



You know all the canned emails, questionnaires, forms, that you just spent hours creating? Well, make sure that they’re properly styled, branded, and that your brand voice is consistent throughout everything. Have fun with columns on your proposal and lead capture forms. Insert images, logos, and on-brand patterns tastefully throughout. Break up the content creatively and make it visually appealing.

Don’t forget to create an email signature and add it under Canned Emails. Make sure the signature smart field is on every canned email. Speaking of smart fields…



Smart fields never go out of style, so use them to give your clients a super exquisite journey through your biz. One of my favorite tips is to put a first name smart field somewhere in the middle of an email or a proposal. They’ll feel cherished and you’ll be unforgettable.

Not personalizing your elements is truly a missed opportunity to delight your clients and make an impression.



Testing a workflow is a bit tricky. I’ve had to use a different email address than the one that I use for Dubsado to fill out lead capture forms so that I can go through the testing process, sign contracts, and see invoices like my clients do.

I always create a secret page on my site to pop in all the lead capture forms for testing. This page isn’t visible to the public, but it’s so helpful to have so that I can validate the workflow before taking it live.

If there are contracts that need to be signed as part of the workflow, open them up in an incognito window or a different browser altogether. If there’s an action triggered by an invoice payment, apply a fake cash payment manually in the Project > Invoices section.

Under project > workflow you can force a step to take place if necessary. This is handy for when the workflow says to wait a certain number of hours/days/weeks to send something out.

Remember that emails that are triggered to be sent in a workflow can take a few minutes to send… although I hear that Dubsado recently reduced the wait time.



A really handy tip that I learned from the help desk team at Dubsado about editing elements associated with a workflow is they aren’t updated in the workflows automatically. That means that if you update a form that’s used in a workflow, you’ll have to go in and update the workflow template. To make that change on workflow that have been applied to a job, you’ll need to click the Update Job Workflow button when you’re done editing.

The opposite is also true. If you edit a form that’s part of a workflow inside a project, it won’t change the original form or the workflow template.



One of my favorite parts of Dubsado, and probably the number 1 reason I will never even think of switching software is their amazing help desk.

Have questions? They’ve answers! I honestly don’t know how they do it but they’re the most responsive and helpful help desk I’ve ever encountered. It’s always a pleasure to talk with Omono, or Lucas, David, Joleena, Cameron, and even Becca!

One thing’s for sure! Not asking them for help when you’re really stuck and can’t find the answer yourself is truly a time-sucker. So don’t hesitate to use that little chat circle on the bottom right corner when you’ve exhausted the other options. And say hi to them from me!

Chances are, if you’re using Dubsado, you’re ultra-committed to taking your creative biz to the next level. Wahoo!

Well, make sure your Squarespace website’s elevating your amazing work/services and presenting you as the amazing (and totally legit) business you are!

Download my free website audit checklist now, and get your website closer to where it needs to be before one more visitor lands on your site and bounce faster than you can say “workflow”.

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