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Squarespace Website Design by Desk & Design for Firefly Scout. Greenwich Template

As a busy mama with a full-time job, Stephanie from Firefly Scout has a big dream, but little time to make it happen. She came to Desk & Design because she was ready to make a commitment to her vision and get Firefly Scout a magical online home.

Firefly Scout is a letter-based self-discovery journey for busy moms who long to reconnect with their true selves finding a little magic along the way.

How cool is this!?

Desk & Design Squarespace Website Design. Greenwich Template.


Desk & Design Squarespace Web Design Mood Board

Stephanie already had her branding done when she decided to partner up with Desk & Design. Armed with that and a vision, she set off to collect and submit the content for her site in between her full-time job and life.

Her inspiration in her own words:

Authentic, not girly, practical with whimsy and magic. Hopeful with a sense of discovery. Slightly retro and boho, given the nature of the mailed content and magic of the firefly.
— Stephanie Rose

As part of our partnership, I helped her “scout” out THE perfect images for her site, made a few new on-brand design elements (including patterns and graphics), and even worked on some of her site copy so that it really connected with her ideal client.

Parallax scrolling was used throughout her site to bring about the magic of the fireflies. Oh! And checkout this cool “hack” with the slideshow block to create the illusion of moving images:


In just 2 weeks after submitting content, Stephanie got her dream site done and 20% off her Squarespace Site Plan! She’s now ready to focus on building the other parts of her business to get ready to launch!

Stay tuned, because Firefly Scout is going to be epic when it comes out, and I’m certain Stephanie’s work will touch the lives of women who, like so many of us, are looking to figure life after college, husband, house, kids, etc out.

Also looking for a magical partnership to take your brand + site to the next level?

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