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Web, brand, and copywriting by Desk and Design.

You know how as a solopreneur you’re so busy working in your business that you don’t have the time or focus to focus on your business? That’s exactly what happened to my client Jessie, web developer and designer extraordinaire from Fox Works. Jessie came to Desk & Design feeling too busy and blocked to work on her amazing brand and website vision.

(Mariana’s) words were so inspiring, positive, and she made an incredible impression. We had our discovery call which went really well, and then she came back with a beautiful presentation that was completely unexpected. I hadn't even signed the contract yet, and she had put so much effort into showing me what my project would entail.

—Jessie Albarian | Fox Works

Fox Works’ package included web, brand, and copy. And Jessie made the wise choice to add on my curated stock image service for a truly stress-free experience.

Desk and Design Portfolio Brand Board

Jessie wanted to draw in like-minded energetic and adventurous small businesses and startups which is why we drew heavy inspiration from the outdoors, for both her visual and verbal brand identity.

We kept the colors friendly and joyful, and the copy approachable but professional, so that her ideal clients would feel right at home as soon as they landed on her site.

Desk and Design Web Design Portfolio (Conflicted copy from Mariana’s MacBook Pro on 2019-02-24).png

Just a month after launching her brand new website, Jessie gave me this wonderful news:

“I’ve increased my revenue by 20% with more clients coming in, and I’ve already made 50% of what I made all of last year!”

Mind = Blown!

Desk and Design Portfolio Laptop

Armed with a new website that’s converting visitors into clients, Jessie can now focus on growing her business.

Squarespace web design, branding, and copy by Desk and Design

Fox Works is a brand and app design studio for adventurous businesses and startups. Owner Jessie is an energetic and highly gifted and professional designer and developer helping her clients go from app dream to app launch so that they can accomplish their life goals.


In just 2 weeks Jessie went from no brand and website, to the site of her dreams, that’s engaging her tribe, and getting real results!

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