The Easy and Affordable Tool Creative Business Owners Need

How a mini-website can be the answer to these common situations.

The easy and affordable tool creative business owners need. All you need to know about mini-websites.jpg

Having built a career out of launching businesses from multiple passions for over 10 years, I know just how difficult it can be to pivot on your newest business venture, offering or launch.

Big businesses and world-renowned coaches and creatives have the secret, and I’ll be sharing it with you…

But first…

Let’s talk for a minute about these common situations that creative entrepreneurs face.

1) Launching a new business on a budget and needing a logo, color palette, fonts (aka branding), and a website, of course.

2) Having a business with an established clientele but needing an online home to send new potential clients for information.

3) Needing to showcase past work or portfolio.

4) Testing the waters of a new business idea without needing changing over the entire website.

5) Launching a big-ticket service, a new campaign, or a single product.

6) Having a successful business and needing to build the top highly-successful product or service out on its own domain.

7) Marketing and lead capturing.


So now that we got an overview of a few common situations creatives sometimes land themselves in, let me get back to that secret I was telling you about…

The easy and affordable tool big businesses and world-renowned online entrepreneurs and creatives use is a mini-website.


Let’s unpack that now…

WTF is a Mini-Website?

A mini-website is just what you expect, a miniature website made up of a single page of content. The content is divided into sections and usually have a single call to action. Because of the one-page format, this type of website design is often more affordable than a traditional, robust website.

WTH is it for?

The purpose of a mini-website (also called minisite) can vary greatly. It boils down to presenting information on a single service or product to get site visitors engaging to get more sales or collect leads.

In some instances a mini-website can also serve as a low-investment website— the virtual equivalent of a business card or portfolio site.


Who are Mini-Websites for?

  • Service providers with a small amount of offerings and a solid client base who just need a simple online presence.

  • Side-hustlers who need a small online home to showcase their initial services, portfolio, or want a place for people to contact them.

  • Freelancers looking for the virtual equivalent of an online business card.

  • Multi-passionate entrepreneurs testing the waters with their newest business idea.

  • Creatives who aren’t ready to invest in a full-blown package and need something done sooner rather than later.

  • Brands who need a mini-website for a specific campaign.

  • Business owners who are launching a product or service.

What does a Mini-Website look like?

Here’s an example of a Mini-Website design I just completed on Squarespace. Note how all the content is divided into sections and lives in a single page. The top navigation allows visitors to “jump” to the section they want on that page. There’s a single call to action, which is the client’s contact form.

Desk & Design’s Squarespace Mini-Website design services include a bit of branding and a touch of copy included in the cost so that your website can be as mighty as it is mini!

Oh! And the best part…

It’s done in 1 week!