Ronit Wagman- Squarespace Mini-Website Design

Mini Website on Squarespace Rally Template. Web, brand, and copywriting by Desk and Design

Sometimes there are circumstances in our business that requires us to have a website that’s not a full-blown 10-page website with all the bells and whistles. Such is the case for experienced book editor, Ronit Wagman, who after working in one of NYC’s most prominent publishing houses with high-caliber authors such as Margaret Atwood (Handmaids Tale ring a bell?), found herself in need of the virtual equivalent of a business card.

“I didn't have any branding, or even know I needed it! My website was very basic. I didn't feel like it was a good reflection of my experience or expertise.”

-Ronit Wagman

At the time she reached out, Ronit had a DIY-ed Wordpress Website that was in need of polish and sophistication. She wants to reach those serious and successful individuals who are willing to spend thousands for her professional services.

Squarespace mini website mood board by Desk and Design. Branding, web design, and copywriting for creatives.


Ronit created a simple inspiration board for me on Pinterest. It featured a heavy emphasis on typography and some hand-sketched touches. .

Brand Vision

Because her site was going to feature her editorial portfolio (which included lots of colorful book covers), I knew her color palette needed to be neutral enough to melt into the background, while at the same time having a distinguished look to help her stand apart from the pack.

Her logo features 2 elegant fonts. The main font on the logo is a modern serif font with a curious and modern character. The typography on the rest of the website is simple and elegant. I used a font family reminiscent of the classic McSweeny’s vibe, and for contrast, a sans serif font that is used for details.

Squarespace web design, branding, and copy by Desk and Design

Brand Voice

Her existing website was quite small and Ronit was happy with the content, so there wasn’t a need of expansive copywriting. However, this being a mini-website package, I pulled a few headings and subheadings to take her website to the next level and make it clear who she’s working for and the value of her high-end services.

My favorites were the main heading:

“Helping serious memoir and fiction writers take their work to the next level.”

And the paragraph below the Services section that reads:

“I provide writers the sharp eye of a seasoned senior editor at one of New York’s most prestigious publishing firms, the visceral reactions of an avid reader, and the invested interest of their smartest friend who wants to see them succeed.”


Mini Website Design

The mini-website concept stemmed from the idea of needing a small online presence— a virtual business card of sorts for Ronit’s potential (and dreamy) clients to be able to contact her.

The mini-website design consists of a single page of content, with a variety of small sections differentiated by titles and design. The navigation menu at the top allows visitors to jump to the section of content they want, but otherwise you can view all the content in a single scrolling page. Super cool concept for those who want a small online presence that serves a simple, usually singular, function.


We wrapped this project up in 1 week!

Uh-huh. That’s right!

Desk and Design Web Design Portfolio.png

“I NEVER could have created this website myself. Beyond the beautiful aesthetic, you employed a thoughtful strategy about how to order the pages and elevate the copy.”

-Ronit Wagman


Armed with a new mini-website with a look and voice that’s built to draw in her ideal writers, Ronit is now able to show up for them with confidence, with an online presence that’s finally in alignment with her professionalism, services, experience, and talent.

This is what Ronit wants to say to anyone thinking about hiring Desk & Design:

Yes, go for it! Prepare to be amazed!

Ronit Wagman is a professional book editor helping serious memoir and fiction writers take their work to the next level.

So if you’re a go-getter and still unsatisfied with your online presence…

…but committed to your business dream

…and finally ready to invest in a gorgeous website that you can feel confident with

…so that you can at last step into the online world knowing you look and sound the part