The Revolutionary Self-Care Tool You Need to Know


Meet the secret weapon you didn’t even know you had.

The Revolutionary Self-Care Tool You need to Know. Meet the secret weapon you didn't know you had.

I was having a conversation with my biz besties a while back when it dawned on me— I’d been hustling non-stop and burning out faster than my incense. I was in some serious need for self-care, and little did I know where I was going to get it.

This was the first time I realized…


So I set off on a path that would help me shift my mindset, processes, and strategies in a way that made my business an unexpected, yet powerful tool for self-care. Here’s a few things you can start thinking about in order to do the same.

Get clear on the life you want to live

Bird Box-ing my business was not working anymore. Blindly walking the entrepreneurial path, pivoting sharply based on the needs, wants, and expectations of others was grueling. And it wasn’t how I wanted my day-to-day to go.

I journaled on the life I want to live in 30 years, in 10, in 1. I found freedom is a central theme for the life I’m designing. I want the freedom to have white space in my week. The freedom to be in control of my schedule and my mental energy. The freedom to pour myself into the worthy causes that pull at me.

Knowing where you want to go, is the first step in getting there.

Focus on the essential

I started reading Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. I really recommend this book if you feel that you’re lacking focus. The book is great at helping get to the core of making intentional decisions of how we spend our time and energy. The quote that most resonated with me was:

Remember that if you don’t prioritize your life someone else will.

-Greg McKeown, Essentialism

It was just the start of my wake up call. Next followed a series of additional ah-ha’s and omg’s that has allowed me to remove the non-essential from my offerings (I removed Virtual Assistance services) so that I could operate optimally.

Next on my list of cutting out the non-essential from my life is outsourcing some non-essential tasks that I dread doing and take my focus away from growing my business (my eyes are on you, email marketing).

Define success for yourself

Success is relative for everyone. Writing up a list of “markers” that define success for me has made having my own business so much more meaningful. Because I’m not measuring success by the same standards as most people (followers, likes, money in the bank), I’m able to show up for Desk & Design very authentically. I don’t have to follow the latest trend that will make me everyone else’s definition of successful. And my, that’s so liberating!

Some of my success markers include:

  • Living out my mission of building websites that convey with clarity and allow creative women to have the confidence to embrace the badass entrepreneurs they’re meant to be.

  • Not working after I pick up my kids from school.

  • Paying for this or that.

  • Getting one client per month.

  • Working from a place of rest and authenticity.

Set boundaries

Boundaries. Boundaries are good. They’re essential. They’re the supporting structure on which to build a sustainable business that allows us to live a life with purpose.

Bitterness is the main flag that signals that a boundary needs to be put in place. When this feeling comes up, take notice and define a boundary that will prevent it from coming up. A few boundaries I’ve had to put in place are:

  • Saying no to potential clients who I don’t feel align with my dreamy client.

  • Not answering emails during defined times.

  • Setting up a clear cancellation policy.

Now its your turn

These things you’ve just read have helped me take the next leap forward. Thinking deeply about my business in these ways have allowed me get an (unconventional) form of self-care that’s enhancing my personal life, too. I’m no longer held to the expectations, whims, and needs of others, but instead, I’m now an empowered business owner making mindful business decisions with the end of living the life I’ve designed.

Oh! Since we’re on the topic, check out my Radical Self-Care for Artists which is full of great tips specifically with you in mind. These are practices you can start putting into place today and which will create a foundation of sustainable self-care.

We could all use a little more of it in our lives, no?

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