How to Use Testimonials to Get More Sales

Spilling the beans on the secret sauce that’ll position you as the ‘no-duh’ remedy for your dreamy clients’ pain.

How to use testimonials to get more sales. Get the free guide that helps you know what to ask, how to ask, and how to organize your testimonials..jpg

When it comes to speaking about your offerings on your websites, you should consider a couple of things:

#1: Why it (your offering) matters to the people that your products or services are intended for.

#2: Proving the benefits or outcomes of your offering(s).

Yes, we can offer screenshots and metrics and video demos galore, but ultimately there is a very powerful marketing tool at your disposal that does the job of proving your goods and/or services and getting more sales… it’s 89% effective, yet it’s grossly underutilized…


In this post, I’ll walk you through how to make the most out of your testimonials because… don’t we all just need to make our solopreneur-ing a bit easier?!

But before we dive into the HOW, let’s dive into the WHY…

Here are a few reasons why collecting testimonials should be part of your workflow:

1) They’re almost as good as a personal word-of-mouth referral.

2) They allow you to leverage someone else’s experience to prove the benefits of your offerings.

3) They help your potential dreamy clients/customers connect with your solution.

4) Testimonials position you as the unique authority or guide for them.

5) They allow you to sit back while other people do the selling for you!

6) They let you borrow someone else’s authority.

7) They serve as validation of your hard work, and a great self-esteem boost!

8) The trigger primal herd behavior (i.e. FOMO is real!)

9) They use the power of storytelling to engage the imagination of the readers, putting them in your happy clients’ shoes and letting them feel what having you meet their needs is like.

Testimonials, when done right, help bridge the gap between where your potential customers are and where they want to be, making it effortless for them to begin seeing you as uniquely positioned to solve their problem.

Exciting, right? But before you go and paste your existing reviews and testimonials all over your website…

Let’s discuss what kind of testimonials you should be going after.

The “great product” or “love it” or “she’s great” type of testimonials are a dime a dozen and aren’t going to cut it. What you should be looking for are the ones that describe a transformation… a before/after situation of sorts.

Testimonials that start off with a client’s very real pain point and end with them overcoming that pain point successfully…

because of your offering

…are the kind of testimonials I’m talking about.

These testimonials pretty much do the thinking for your dreamy clients. They also slash all the objections they have to busting out their credit card and punching the code on your website.

And if you’ve got your ICA down, and a few good testimonials from them, then your potential clients will be nodding their head and raising their hands in the air when they read them.

Talk about selling power!

Just make note that not all testimonials will get EVERYONE to buy. Good testimonials should be written by your dreamy clients for others like them. And that’s totally A-OK.

So by now you’re probably on board this testimonial train and want to know how you can use the high-value testimonials to have the most impact…

So let’s talk about the HOW.

Testimonials should roam free on the interwebs. And not just live on a testimonials page. They must be sprinkled throughout all your online stomping grounds… your home page, about page, services page, your Instagram feed, Facebook page, product listings, etc… Let them roam about and mine for leads for you. Make sure that they’re relevant to the product or service on that page or to the benefit you’re trying to prove.

They should drop into your subscribers’ inboxes once in a while. Yup, that means including snippets when you’re talking to them about a new offering. Got an amazing transformation story? Share the before-during-after story with them!

Sending a proposal? Let’s reaffirm their decision to work with you right before they sign the contract and punch in their credit card number.

Cozied up to CTA’s on your website. You want those high-value and relevant testimonials nearby when your potential dreamy client scrolls to a call to action.

They should be easy to read. Because a testimonial that goes unread is useless, and a waste of prime website real estate. Highlight words that will call to your dreamy clients. Or better yet, write a mini-summary headline for each one before pasting the testimonial.

They should be eye-catching. Potential buyers may want to check up on those people who you’ve worked with, make that easy for them by including a photo, their name, title, and business name. A link to their page is a nice touch, especially if you’re selling a big-ticket item.

High-value testimonials come in all shapes and sizes. Get written testimonials, screenshots, video testimonials, case studies, etc.

Here’s another thing…

High-value testimonials like this can be coached from your clients.

Here’s how to coach HANDS-TO-THE-SKY testimonialS from your clients.

You need:

  • A process that can be built into your existing workflow

  • Strategic questions built to get those transformation stories

  • An email template for the ask

  • The tech behind collecting reviews

  • Social media templates to showcase your shiny new reviews online

  • And more!

Learn how to Collect Testimonials that get you more sales today!

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    So now you’re armed with lots of in-depth knowledge on how to use testimonials to boost your sales.

    Here’s an action step for all you go-getters out there:

    Using the FREE guide start collecting and using those testimonials on your website and social media!


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