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Being a fine artist is a tough gig these days. In a visually-oversaturated market, it’s sometimes hard to get Instagram hearts that actually convert to purchases.

Furthermore, lots of fine artists would much rather focus on working on their next collection than spending hours of time doing all the other things that it takes to make a real life.

You know, I don’t blame them!

I met Anisa through The Blueprint Model. I was instantly drawn to her energetic botanical landscapes and portraits. It was instant fandom. Luckily, it turned out we both needed each other.

Anisa was struggling with a lackluster website which was hindering her would-be collectors instead of elevating her gorgeous paintings and making them irresistible to her site visitors.

As a fine artist, digital design is not my forte. I'd been DIY-ing websites for years and felt like I couldn't do any better on my own. My website was severely outdated and a hinderance to my audience. My website didn't highlight my artwork or speak to my brand voice. It was a simple portfolio website that didn't feel like it had any sparkle.

—Anisa Asakawa | Fine Artist

Anisa instantly knew she wanted the my Stress-Free 2-Week Website package, so I set her up with all the client workbooks and she set out to write out answers and gather all the details for her new products- framed and unframed canvas and paper prints.


Drawing heavily on bohemian, free-spirited, and joyful inspiration, as well as her own vibrant artwork, I wanted Anisa’s branding to feel like a supportive element rather than be the focal point.

We wanted her branding to feel personal, so I incorporated a few of Anisa’s hand-drawn sketches into her brand icons. Her logo, of course, is her signature.

Desk and Design Portfolio Brand Board.jpg

Her website copy needed to sound really authentic and dreamy. Conveying Anisa’s globe-trotting background and her mission as an artist very clearly.

My new website finally matches the quality of my products while also connecting with my ideal client. Mariana was able to capture "me" in a website and in the branding which will help me connect with more clients and therefore make more art sales. I know that this new website and rebrand will allow me to showcase the artwork that I work so hard to make.

—Anisa Asakawa | Fine Artist

Anisa’s website consists of a homepage, about page, gallery, shop, commissions, and blog page.

Besides selling her original paintings and prints, Anisa also accepts a small number of commissions. So for her commissions page, I broke down her process into 4 steps making what could be an extremely intimidating process into one that’s truly accessible for her audience.

Desk and Design Web Design Portfolio.jpg

A very time intensive part of her website build was definitely her shop. I figured out a process for building it out that not only made efficient use of my time, but is also part of Anisa’s shop update process so that she can easily and efficiently add more products to her shop!

Because having a website that’s not intimidating is highly important, and as part of the exquisite client care I provide to my clients, I recorded a personalized video/screen lesson for her that she can always refer to when needing to make changes to her site, add blog posts, etc.

As Anisa’s website launch date drew near, she reported:

I finally feel confident in my website. Before, I wanted people to go to my instagram account instead of my website and now it's the opposite!

I can finally use social media to direct clients to my own corner of the internet where they can hang out, shop and connect with me and my artwork.

I feel relieved that I don't have to do web design work for something that is a quarter as good as what Mariana has done!

Mind = Blown!

Desk and Design Portfolio Laptop.jpg

Armed with a new website, brand, and copy that are strategic in engaging and delighting her site visitors Anisa is now set to make life-long collectors who identify with her art and love hanging out in her little magical corner of the internet.

Squarespace web design, branding, and copy for fine artists by Desk and Design.

Anisa Asakawa is a globe-trotting fine artist offering original botanical landscapes and portraits, prints, and commissions that capture the raw energy of Mother Nature and allow the viewer to be carried away.


To those thinking about working with Desk & Design, Anisa has this message:

GO FOR IT. It's absolutely worth it. You will be amazed at how efficiently Mariana works.

It's a miracle that she designed my whole website and rebrand in TWO WEEKS.