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I love working with artists. When it comes down to it, there’s nothing better than going to work and being surrounded by their artwork, their story, and their aesthetic.

But artists usually come with a series of circumstances…

  1. They want more time to work on their art.

  2. Web design for them is a source of stress.

  3. They want to sell their work but they don’t want to come across as sleazy.

  4. They lack confidence when it comes to their website.

I met Kara through The Blueprint Model. She signed up for a mini-audit. Kara felt her website was lacking in the personality department and she wanted people to linger and feel a part of the lifestyle that her work embodies. After viewing her audit video, Kara signed up to work with me for a website overhaul.

And man, was I ever lucky!

My branding/website were relatively bland and lacking real personality. Nothing screamed "hang with me awhile."

—Kara Valentino Ffield | Fine Artist


While working on Kara’s online home I entered a magical realm of her creation. She didn’t want just another pastel pink website (thank you!). She wanted dark romantic notions where visitors could find themselves lingering and connecting with the kind of magic that exist in nature.

With such a vision casted, it was my turn to translate and bring it into reality. I decided that the overall feel for this website should be of an old southern mansion owned by an eccentric ballerina— a pilot’s wife. With a fascination of hybrid taxidermy, botanicals, and love letters, she built stories around her curious collections and got lost in wondrous eternal exploration.

Brand Vision

I decided on a color palette inspired by blue and red velvet, and a smoky celeste that Kara used extensively in her decadent photography, with a very light ballet pink and silver for contrast.

For her logo, I found a wonderful pairing of fonts that both embody her love of romance, with a slightly Art Deco feel and with lots of character alternatives and elegant flourishes.

To make her branding even more personal, I suggested that Kara send me a few drawings to incorporate as brand icons. I suggested a luna moth, a bunny, a bow, a vintage plane, and some leafy botanicals... And boy, did she deliver!

Desk and Design Portfolio Brand Board.png

Brand Voice

Kara’s website copy needed to sound down-to-earth, but intelligent. Based on the vision that she casted, I also made sure to incorporate lots of sensory and exquisite language to bring the visitors deep into her world.

Desk and Design Web Design Portfolio.png

Web Design

Kara’s website consisted of a Home, About, Gallery, Blog, a simple Contact page, and Shop. We made sure to give lots of opportunities for people to visit her shop, her main call to action.

I especially loved designing her blog templates. Being a multi-talented artist, Kara has a natural knack for photography. I wanted to make sure there was lots of opportunities for her to feature them in her blog posts, allowing her readers to get inspired and linger on her site.

My new website is finally the home I have been looking for online. I think that since Mariana has revamped the site it has staying power and welcomes visitors to really immerse themselves in not just my artwork but the entire lifestyle it embodies.

—Kara Valentino Ffield | Fine Artist


We wrapped this project up in under 2 weeks! What?!

Yeah. Seriously!

As Kara’s website launch date drew near, she reported:

I know that I will have an increase in community because my new website is now a home. Just during the design process alone and sharing it on social media my email list has grown 15%...and that's BEFORE launching.

I have a confidence in myself that I didn't have before. Mariana really honed in what I'm really about and put words to it.


Desk and Design. Brand, web design, and copywriting for creatives.png

Armed with a new website, brand, and copy that are strategic in engaging her site visitors, Kara can now step forward and focus on growing her brand by expanding her blog and launching more exquisite collections.

Kara can also focus on her zone of genius instead of spending so much time on her site.

(I feel) Absolutely relieved. Having been doing my website myself for the past 7 years I can stop fiddling with it because I know it's right. I can focus on developing new content and artwork rather than obsessing over how a button looks!

-Kara Valentino Ffield | Fine Artist

Squarespace web design, branding, and copy by Desk and Design.png

Kara Valentino Ffield is an artist in Pensacola, Florida. Aviation and nature are themes in her art. She’s on mission to curate a lifestyle and create a community around it.


To those thinking about working with Desk & Design, Kara has this message:

Do the damn thing.

(Kara, you’re the best!)

So if you’ve been making art for a while

…and you’re seeking to create much more than just a transactional experience for your collectors…

…and you’re 100% committed to to yourself and your work

…and you’re finally ready to be the fullest expression of a successful artist

…so that you can at last step into the online world knowing you look and sound the part