What is a Virtual Assistant? And why the f*** do I need one?

What is a virtual assistant? And why do you need one? Find out why hiring a virtual assistant is giving female entrepreneurs more time in their schedules at www.deskanddesign.com

You've heard the term on those entrepreneurial Facebook groups, and you get the gist of who these people are, but what EXACTLY do they do? Why do you keep hearing about them? And most importantly, why the f*** do you need one?

Virtual Assistants are everywhere these days. To be honest, they can literally be a dime a dozen, especially if you are looking outside the US. But what do they do? And why are DIYpreneurs raving about them? I've got the scoop for you, so sit back and get your scrolling finger ready because when you finish reading this, you will 100% be sure of what they do, and why you should consider hiring one!

In general terms, a Virtual Assistant is a freelancer who works remotely and does tasks for other independent business owners online. Each one will have a different set of skills, like bookkeeping, scheduling, inbox management, etc. Others may also be experts on something, such as Pinterest management, Facebook Ads management, graphic design, or copywriting. Some Virtual Assistants work for niche industries, such as Photography Virtual Assistants or Virtual Assistants for Wellness Professionals.

Here's a list of what a Virtual Assistant can do for you!

  • Data entry

  • Calendar management

  • Inbox management

  • Customer service

  • Social media management

  • Dubsado management

  • Photo editing

  • Graphic design

  • Content design

  • Workflow creation

  • SEO

  • Running giveaways

  • Affiliate management

  • Webinar set up

  • Payments & invoicing

  • Trello management

  • Pinterest strategy

  • Bookkeeping

  • Travel arrangements

  • On-boarding clients

  • Course creation

  • Sales funnel set-up

  • Web research

  • Web design/updates

  • Newsletter design

  • Online teaching platform support

  • Personal tasks such as buying gifts, sending thank you notes

  • Presentation design & planning

  • Email reminders

  • Copywriting


And this is just a small list! There's a Virtual Assistant for everyone and every need!

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Oh cool! so now, why do I need to hire one?

You're a creative soul, and you got into business for yourself to explore your creative potential and leverage it to make money. But little did you realize that someday you'd be feeling too big for your solopreneuring pants (I made that up).

You've reached the point of feeling uncomfortable with where your business is. You are at capacity and cannot take on any more clients because of all the work that you have to put into the backend of your business. You are feeling the squeeze in your personal life too, because more work = less time spent on you and your loved ones. And also, you’re literally dragging from wearing all the hats.

Perhaps you are longing for the days when getting a new customer sparked the joy that made you go into business in the first place. Now with each new customer, you are thinking about all the time you're going to spend on-boarding, scheduling, and following up with them. Time that you COULD otherwise be spending doing what you love most about your work, taking care of yourself, or hanging out with the one's you're probably doing it all for... your family.

It's just not worth it anymore.

What is a virtual assistant? And why do I need one? Find out why hiring a virtual assistant is the new doing #allthethings at www.deskanddesign.com

A Virtual Assistant can take on all that busy work that goes on behind the scenes. They're independent contractors so you don't have to deal with the headaches and expenses that come with hiring an employee. You can develop a relationship with them, train them to be your right hand, and let them take care of those tasks that are keeping you from feeling the joy of being in business for yourself, and from scaling your business and taking on more customers. More importantly, you will halt the encroachment on the time you spend on your personal care and the nurturing of those important relationships in your life.

You need a Virtual Assistant because you want to scale your business, make more money, and spend more time doing those things that you love, and less time on busy work. 


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