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Web design, branding, and copywriting for artists and other creative types striving to use their business to live purposeful lives.
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just launched your latest collection…

and your phone’s blowing up with sold notifications, right?

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Rest easy, friend and let’s have a heart-to-heart...

  • You need to focus on the things that’ll ACTUALLY move the needle forward in your business, without spinning your wheels on tasks far outside your zone of genius.

  • Your Instagram feed is WOW! But your website’s still WOMP! WOMP!

  • If only you could just cut through the clutter and feel confident investing in what’ll get you closer to your dreams.

  • if only you could be sure your website’s not getting in the way of more sales.

Here’s the thing:


you should HAVE a website that’s helping you finally reach sold-out collection status…



And the truth is…


  • You can stay focused AND in your zone of genius…

  • Have a cohesive online presence that communicates your value clearly and genuinely.

  • Be confident investing in the ONE business asset that’ll work as hard as you to make money, even while you sleep!


Having been doing my website myself for the past 7 years I can stop fiddling with it because I know it's right. I can focus on developing new content and artwork rather than obsessing over how a button looks!

— Kara Valentino Ffield | Artist




The complete 2-Week Website

So you can confidently invest in the online home you deserve and need to finally feel legit without taking you away from the things (and people!) you love.


Here’s what you get

  • A bespoke branding suite aligned with your business and expertise, so you can look the part and feel confident.

  • A customizable website that’s built with your goals in mind, so that it can do some of the heavy lifting for you and you can claim back some time.

  • Authentic-to-you words that delight, wonder, and convert, so you can draw more of those dreamy clients and customers in and finally start making a life, instead of making a living.

  • Quick turnaround, so you can put your best self out into the online space and stop spinning your wheels ASAP.

  • Everything under one roof, saving you hours and allowing you to efficiently source #allthethings you need for your website under one roof.

  • Personalized education so you can update your website on your own, without having to depend on me (but I’m here if you need me).


PLUS, you’ll also get the following:


  • My undivided attention for 2 weeks.

  • A personalized timeline so that you know when to expect what from me, and when your homework and feedback are due.

  • 1-hour strategy session

  • Access to Your Vision Journal, which help you get 100% clear and build a website that supports your big-picture goals.

  • Basic SEO so your site can be found.

  • Mobile-responsive website.

  • 20% off your first year of Squarespace if you don’t have a Squarespace site yet.

  • Access to my Exclusive Client Care Services, which include Graphic Design, Copywriting, and Squarespace Updates, etc. Need a pdf designed? Or a welcome email sequence written? Consider it done! Consider it your business in a box!

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Discovery + Strategy

We’ll have a 1-hour strategy call and you’ll get access to your Client Workbooks.

Stress-free “homework”.


Week 1-2

Design + Delivery

The 2-week design phase is when we develop the visual identity for your business.

You’ll be thrilled with your site!



Client Care

You’ll get your final brand and web files, and the other deliverables you picked out when you signed on.

You do you, and I’ll do the rest!



“I feel relieved that I don’t have to do web design work for something that is a quarter as good as what Mariana has done!”

— Anisa Asakawa \ Artist

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Now booking 2020.

Available Start Dates:

February 3, 2020

March 2, 2020

April 20, 2020


The complete 2-Week Website


Stay focused on what matters most to you. Be at ease and let me take care of the look and sound of your website based on your goals.


You do you… I’ll do the rest!

Details ⟶

Squarespace Design

  • A built-from-scratch, customized Squarespace website
  • A gorgeous home page + 4 additional pages*
  • Basic SEO implementation
  • Blog page set up + 1 blog post (client-provided content)
  • Shop with up to 10 products (option to add more)


  • Primary and secondary logo
  • Brand icon
  • Typography (font pairings)
  • On-Brand Pattern
  • 3 icons
  • Primary color palette
  • Neutral palette
  • Brand guide
  • A collaborative process if you're an artist and want to have your 'hand' in your brand identity.


  • Words for your website that are just as strategic as they are authentic, and which engage, delight, and convey your work and mission with clarity.
  • Up to 1,500 words for Homepage and About page
  • Up to 2,000 Services page
  • Up to 1,000 for other pages (Contact, commerce, etc)
  • Up to 10 product descriptions

Client Care

  • 1 hr strategy session
  • Client workbooks
  • Up to 2 hrs of one-on-one live behind-the-scenes tutorial (get to know how your Squarespace site works!)
  • Access to my Client Care services (additional copywriting, graphic design, website updates)

business-in-a-box SERVICES

  • Business card and notecard design

  • Social media template design

  • Email marketing template design

  • Opt-in design

  • Workbook design

  • Welcome sequence email copywriting

  • Additional web page design and copy

  • Long-form sales pages

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Oops! You may be wondering who I am!

Mariana winking with coffee mug

I’m Mariana.


And I’m putting my supertalents to work elevating and amplifying the businesses and voices of passionate artists and creative types (just like you) so they can focus on living the life they’ve always dreamed of.


Desk and Design Background (4).png



I can focus more on making art because I know my collections are going to live in a beautiful, colorful space a.k.a. my website.

Jamie Corley | Artist


I no longer have to have the internal debate over whether it's worth paying someone to redo my website. This website was worth every penny!

Ronit Wagman | Editor


I finally feel confident in my website.

I would definitely say, it's absolutely worth it. You will be amazed at how efficiently Mariana works. It's a miracle that she designed my whole website and rebrand in two weeks. I couldn't have imagined this would ever be possible.

Anisa Asakawa | Artist


I’m so grateful to have worked with some really talented artists and creatives.

Check out a few of my favorite brand, Squarespace and copy projects.


Are you ready to show off your whole-hearted business as it really is?

Ready to feel in alignment with your site and brand, attract those collectors, and grow beyond your wildest dreams?

You’re Ready for Desk & Design, friend!




Here’s what others have asked!

I don’t see what I need ⟶

I get it. You can be at a place in your business where getting the whole package is not part of your plan. Do you just want branding? Or copy for your website? Let’s jump on a call and design your dream package!

What if I’ve never worked with a designer before? ⟶

No worries, friend! I’ll provide all the information you need to know, and make the process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. During our discovery call, I’ll answer all your questions and make sure you feel 100% comfortable with the scope of the project. We’ll keep those channels of communication open so that you always know what’s going on and when!

Yikes! That's a big investment! ⟶

I totally understand! Making an investment in your business is always a game of figuring out what your time and energy is worth!

The DIY Route: $2,075 and a time investment of at least 100 hours! Learning how to design a brand and website, and writing copy that converts, is a very time-consuming endeavor that will take you away from the things you’d rather be doing.

  • Squarespace Design Course: $800 (time investment: 1 month of 3 hours per week to learn, 20+ hours to implement)
  • Copywriting Course: $800 (time investment: 8 weeks of 4 hours per week to learn/implement)
  • Branding Course: $475 (time investment: 14+ hours, plus 20+ hours to design)
  • Adobe Illustrator: $29.99 / month (time investment: who knows! it can take years to learn how to use Illustrator to generate the professional graphics you need)

The piecing out to different experts route: $13,500 and 11+ weeks! The investment of hiring different people to work on each aspect of your website is paid in both dollars and time. This will be challenging for people with tight deadlines or those for which project management is not their strongest skill.

  • High-End Brand Design: $5000 (time investment: 5+ weeks)
  • Web Design: $2000+ (time investment: 7+ weeks)
  • Website Copywriting: $1,000/hour (time investment: varies)

I offer payment plans... Put half down, and the rest can be spread out into monthly payments you can manage for a small fee.

Do you offer payment plans? ⟶

Yes babe! I do offer payment plans. Half down, and spread out the rest, as long as it's all paid in full by the end of our project.

But how long does this actually take? ⟶

Here's the scoop. As soon as I get the deposit, you'll gain access to Your Vision Journal and our design timeline. Your Vision Journal is your homework (well, more like self-care if you ask me!), and the timeline's your guide. Your Vision Journal is due one week before the design period begins. It'll take you about 2-5 hours to complete it, depending on where you are in your business.

When's the best time to book my design period? ⟶

Basically, any time you'll be able to have easy access to email and can get back to me within a few hours if needed. You'll also need time to give me feedback. So don't book your design period when you're going on vacation, have family visiting, or have a deadline at work!

What if I need to change my design period after booking? ⟶

Aw man! That's a toughie! While I totally understand that life happens, I do need to make sure to respect the time of other clients who’ve booked after you and make sure they stay on schedule. Your first (non-refundable) payment reserves a certain block of time on my schedule, and if you need to change it more than 24 hours after you booked, you’ll need to pay a rebooking fee equal to that amount.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch? ⟶

Feel free to contact me here or book your free discovery call with me.